• Putter Fitting

    Putter Fitting is a dark art for many. What is it all about?

  • Custom Fit Putters & Technology

    We weigh and measure the different options when it comes to custom fit putters & technology solutions.

  • Custom Putters – Customisable or Custom Fit?

    Are custom fit putters just customisable? What does it really mean to be custom fit?

  • Edel SMS Wedges

    The Edel SMS Wedges are disrupting the wedge space... See what the media is saying and why!

  • Wedge Grinds

    Wedge Grinds! What are they? How do Edel's Wedge Grinds compare with other manufacturers?

  • Custom Fit Wedges

    Custom Fit & Made to Measure Wedges! see how the industry stacks up...

  • Golf Wedges

    The set within the set - we go deep on wedge sets!

  • Edel Golf

    Edel Golf is a leading golf equipment company that sells putters, wedges, and single-length irons.

  • Custom Fit Putters

    Being custom fit for golf equipment is now an industry standard and best practice, however, custom fit putters still lag behind the rest of the bag.

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