Will being custom fit benefit me? I don’t think I'm good enough!

Putting is the one aspect of the game of golf everyone can be good at. From rank amateur to tour pro, the fitting process reinforces your strengths and addresses deficiencies.

You will be able to aim your putter and roll your ball consistent distances by the end of the fitting.

I've been custom fit before, how is your fitting better or different?

Custom fitting is marketing jargon that is sometimes used to oversell a service or product that often under-delivers. Read more by clicking here.

If you want to see how the rest of the big names in the market compare, click here.

If you want to see which options for putter fittings are available in the UK, click here.

If you've been to a big-box retailer from across the pond, you've may have been 'custom fit' but your putter has most certainly not been made-to-measure for you and your stroke.

I'm left handed, can you fit me?

Edel EAS Putters are only available for right-handed golfers at the moment... but watch this space!

Does getting custom fit really make a difference with putters?

Absolutely! The benefits of being fit for your driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons and wedges are equally seen with a proper fitting.

Our fitting process will provide you with tangible proof of improvement in both aim, feel and distance control.

Will I make more putts after being custom fit for an Edel putter?

Holing putts is still up to you! However, you will be confident in your ability to aim your made to measure putter and putt confidently with consistent distance control.

Green reading is also a skill that needs to be developed and AimPoint is a good solution. Additionally, improvements can also be seen under the watchful eye of a short game coach or your local pro.

What if the Edel EAS Putter you build for me is not better than my current gamer?

If we can show you no tangible improvement in your aim and distance control you won't be charged for the fitting nor will there be a sales pitch or hard sell.

We're confident both the fitting and putter will sell themselves.

During the made to measure putter fitting, do you use additional technology?

We use BioMech Golf's Putting Sensor and app.

To see an explanation of various options and technological solutions available click here.

After the custom putter fitting, how and when will I receive my putter?

Once fit we will initiate the build at HQ in Texas, USA.

The putter will be ready in 3 or 4 weeks and will be delivered to your preferred address in the UK.

Do you only fit Edel putters? If so, why?

Currently, yes.

Edel Golf is the only company that offers a comprehensive fitting solution for every conceivable variable. No other company, multinational or craft artisan, comes close.

To take a deep dive into the world of custom fit putters, click here

Does this mean the big brands are no good?

With most big brands, tour-level fitting and putter component options are simply not offered to the general public.

There is nothing wrong with the putters, they just aren't made to measure. We see them as potentially unfit for purpose – you and your putting stroke.

Learn more by clicking here.

What about the artisan or craft putter makers?

There is no question, these artisans are craftsmen that produce incredible putters that could be put under glass.

In virtually all cases, the putter is aesthetically bespoke rather than being made to measure based on biomechanical, static and dynamic fittings.

Learn more by clicking here.

After booking an appointment, what if I need to cancel?

If you need to reschedule your appointment, we will gladly do so without penalty or charge. 

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