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Edel Golf EAS 1.0 Putter Fitting Cart

The Putter Fitting Process

The fitting process is not one of trial and error but a deliberate manipulation of variables in order to make your perceptions, realities.

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The design of the EAS line-up of putters pairs perfectly with Edel Golf’s proprietary fitting process.

The fitting begins with a consultation of your personal putting tendencies and individual putter preferences. A biomechanical analysis is used to establish parameters for the putter fitting and build.

Aim is a primary focus and includes fine tuning length, lie, head shape, hosel shape and alignment aids. Instant feedback is obtained so both you and the fitter can see tangible improvements in your ability to aim.

Your putting stroke type is then identified before building your putter for feel and touch. Weight in the head, shaft and grip can be precisely tuned to your individual needs. The fitting process allows both player and fitter to see and feel the effects of fine tuning these variables.

By the end of the process, you will have in your hands a made to measure putter – uniquely yours.

The Putter Tailor can also use BioMech Technology to validate all results. You will see and feel the difference a made to measure putter makes with quantifiable and verifiable proof.

Edel EAS Putter Pricing

Edel EAS Putters cost £475 no matter which variation of components your perfect fit requires.

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The putter price includes a hand built putter direct from Edel Golf's workshop in Liberty, Texas, USA, inclusive of all taxes, duties and shipping.

A Putter Fitting typically costs £75 but varies dependent upon location. In some cases, the cost of fitting is redeemable against the cost of the putter. Contact us for more details.

The putter comes with a carbon fibre effect headcover. Optional extras include SuperStroke Grips, BGT Stability Shafts, Leather Headcovers and Edel EAS Putter Weight Kits.

Edel Golf EAS Putters 1.0 2.0 4.0 5.0
Edel SMS Wedges with Various Sole Grinds

Edel SMS WEDGE Pricing

Edel SMS Wedges cost £225 no matter which variation of components your perfect fit requires.

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This wedge price includes delivery to your door from Edel Golf’s workshop in Texas, USA, inclusive of all taxes, duties and shipping.

15 shafts are offered as standard including Nippon and KBS. Weights and optimisation are included in the build. The wedge is fit with the correct size Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip.

Lofts range from 47* to 61* with all four milled grinds available in every loft. Japanese forged 1025 carbon steel allows for limitless configutation.

Fitting costs are typically £75 but vary dependent upon the location and service requested. In some cases, the cost of fitting is redeemable against the cost of the wedge(s). Please contact us for more details.

For £25 per wedge, you can choose from 4 types of custom stamping, 15 colours of custom paintfill and the choice of two BB&F Ferrules.

BIomech putting sensors

We are the UK distributor for BioMech. We trust and rely on BioMech to validate our fittings help us see exactly what is happening with your putter during your putting stroke.

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The Putt by BioMech Putting Sensor is the most powerful, scientific putting system in the world.

The sensor provides instant feedback in realtime providing insight into your path, face angle, dynamic loft thorughout your stroke, accerlation at impact and timing ratios.

At a reasonable cost and low subscripton, it is the ulimtate training aid and coaching tool for those serious about improving their stroke, lowering their handicap and holing more putts.

BioMech Sensors (1.0 and Putt) retail for £349.

BioMech Putter Sensor
TourLock OptiVibe The Putter Tailor Tour Issue

Tourlock optimisation

We are the only Authorised TourLock Fitters & Optimisation Specialists in the UK. Tour validated technology, as of July 2021, 5 of the world's Top 10 golfers rely on our technology.

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Counter weighting and internal weighting is done dynamically so you can see the immediate effect. Each weight can be manipulated in mass and location to produce a desired outcome.

Drivers and putters are our most common club optimisations and are charged at £50.

For the pricing of the optimisation of full sets, iron sets, wedge sets and fairway wood/ hybrids, contact us for details.

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About Edel Golf

Edel Golf is synonymous with innovation and individuality, seeing every person as an unique and treating each as such.

In an era of empty marketing hype and quick product cycles, Edel has developed a product & tailored service which stands out from the competition.

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Whether it is single length irons, wedges or putters, Edel Golf has set the standard in custom fitting.

Offering a genuine tour level fitting to the general public is what sets Edel Golf apart.

Each Certified Fitter has been trained to ensure your putter is built to be uniquely yours.

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